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October 01, 2009

43% of Americans Think Barack Obama’s Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to Beg for Olympics is a Bad Idea … Lost in Smallness

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Barack Obama, Lost in Smallness.

There is a reason why no sitting US President has ever gone, hat in hand, to beg for the Olympics. Because it is beneath the office of the Presidency. Just how much is this President willing to diminish the office? Obama has traveled abroad to apologize for the United States and now he travels abroad on the US tax payers dime to beg for the 2016 Olympics for his Chicago buddies.


Ok, this healthcare thing is not going well, maybe they’ll listen to me in Copenhagen?

What is President Barack Obama thinking? With all that is going on in the United States and a request for more troops in Afghanistan by the military commander on the ground, frolicking off to Copenhagen to beg for the Olympics?

43% of Americans think it is a bad idea for Obama to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to shill for Chicago to the IOC, International Olympic Committee, for the 2016 Olympic games, while 36% think its a good move. 21% have no opinion and are too caught up in Dancing with the Stars.


H/T: Don Surber

Oh good grief, let’s hope the IOC gives the games to the nut jobs from Tokyo, Japan because they are stating that the 2016 Olympic Games might just be the last because of global warming. YOU WIN!!! Anyone who is this insane deserves the Games. See, instead of Obama, they should have sent Al Gore … how come Gore didn’t not think of this moonbattery first?

Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara warned on Wednesday the 2016 Olympics could be the last Games, with global warming an immediate threat to mankind.

Tokyo is bidding to host the 2016 summer Olympics with Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid also in the running. The International Olympic Committee will elect the winning candidate during its session on Oct. 2 in the Danish capital.

“It could be that the 2016 Games are the last Olympics in the history of mankind,” Ishihara told reporters at a Tokyo 2016 press event ahead of the vote.

Back to some semblance of reality. It is hard to believe that the Chicago fix is not in by Barack Obama heading to Copenhagen in the first place. Obama may be a socialism, egotist elitist … but he is not stupid. A lawyer never asks a question to a person on the witness stand that they do not already know the answer to. It is hard to believe that Chicago had not been given a wink and a nod for the 2016 games and that is what prompted Obama to go to this formality.

The Obama Administration will spin it as some great victory for Obama in being the linchpin, the reason, The One that won the games for Chicago. Victory? Honestly, who cares. Hmm. If this is the case then Barack Obama is truly lost in smallness. With all that is going on in the US with regards to the economy, war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Iranian nuclear threat … the 2016 Olympics is supposed to be a priority? Let us not forget that today, first time jobless claims rose more than expected last week to a seasonally adjusted 551,000.

With all that faces the United States, of course Obama should be blasted for his actions in traveling to Copenhagen. Obama has painted hardly a rosy picture of the economy. What message does it send while people continue to lose jobs that he is off to beg for the Olympics for the Chicago machine?

One thing is for certain, the Chicago fix had better be in and the 2016 Olympics had better been a done deal prior to Obama heading off to Europe. If not, Obama will have played a high stakes poker game of Political Hold ‘em with a 7 – 9 off suit with a complete bluff and been called.

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