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September 30, 2009

Is This Really Presidential? Barack Obama off to Copenhagen to Beg for Chicago Olympics

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Is this really Presidential? If your answer is yes, then ask yourself why no other President has done it before? One might ask The One what his priorities are?

Just last week Obama said he wouldn’t make the trip to Copenhagen, citing his need to press for health care reform legislation instead. White House officials mentioned the economic benefits the U.S. would receive from a winning Olympics bid in explaining the president’s sudden change of heart.

First Lady Michelle Obama was originally slated to represent Chicago before the IOC but will now share the duties with her husband.

The United States is in debt up to their eyeballs, national unemployment is near 10% with many states already in double digits, recession, two wars, one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan where the military commander has asked for more troops, Obamacare is in real trouble and Iran is pushing the nuclear envelop. With all that, President Obama is off to Copenhagen to beg for the Olympics to come to Chicago.

Obamacare is already a failure for the President. As Jules Crittendon states, this is an Olympic sized gamble for Obama. How embarrassing will it be now if Chicago is not granted the 2016 Olympics? Imagine the IOC and International Committee having the opportunity to knock the US down a couple of pegs by giving it to another country after Obama goes hat in hand to beg for the games? That would never happen, would it?

For Michelle Obama to go or Oprah, that’s fine. But the President of the United States? Huh? Isn’t the Office a little bit bigger than that? Aren’t there more pressing things that Obama could or should be doing?

The military issue is a pressing one in Afghanistan and a decision needs to be made immediately. Yet, instead Barack is off to Copenhagen. The Weekly Standard is reporting that Obama will make a surprise trip to Afghanistan. Of course he has to at this point to justify any trip to Copenhagen.

Hmm, doesn’t seem like every one wants the Olympics in Chicago as six people are arrested in Chicago at anti-Olympic protest.

Rio goes on offensive against Chicago in Olympic bid race

Rio – bidding to become the first South American city to host the Games – lodged an official complaint with the International Olympic Committee’s Ethics Commission about a remark made by Chicago Mayor Richard M Daley which they took as a criticism of their bid – something that is not allowed under IOC rules.

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