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May 29, 2005

We are the Bloggers, the Pests.

Posted in: General,Media

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The old assumption was that opinion media — such as the National Review, the Nation and the New Republic — offer a slant on current events, but that major news outlets, outside their designated opinion sections, do not. This commitment to disinterested reporting — and along with it the public’s trust in mainstream media — has been shattered in recent years.
-Victor David Hanson

This article in today’s Washington Times captures the essense of why the media has fallen down. The Mainstream media wants the public to believe that they are non biased and non partisan. They actively repeat this every chance they get. But the reality is they typically lean to the left, and it comes out on a regular basis.

With each expose the harm has been cumulative, driving the public away from a stained mainstream media. News purists mock the yelling of conservative talk radio, hypersensitive renegade bloggers on the Internet and cable news’ sharp elbows. They shouldn’t. All provide an antidote to “disinterested” High News the public no longer entirely believes.

And there is the rub. The public knows the media leans liberal. The political world knows this. Yet the press feels that they can convince the public that they are not.

So they come across as snake oil salesmen. They are betraying our trust and lying to us. In the past all we could do is write a letter to the editor. The press had the power to print this or not. The public could not respond in the past.

Now with weblogs we can respond and point out their inconsistancies, lies, and inuendos.

And the press hates it.

But that is too bad, they are stuck with us, the bloggers, the pests, the first level of accountability they have faced in a long, long time.


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