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September 14, 2009

Where is Missing Yale Medical Student Annie Le? (Update: Body Found Behind Wall of Science Building)

Posted in: Crime,Deceased,Missing Persons,Murder

Where is missing Yale medical student Annie Le? The 24 year old Yale student went missing in New Haven, CT five days before she was supposed to be married.


Today should have been the day that Annie Le was married and that the only question on missing Annie Le’s mind was, “do you take this man, Jonathan Widawsky, to be your husband.” Instead there are nothing but questions as to where is the missing Yale medical student, Annie Le and a wedding canceled.

Cantor Sandra Sherry, who would have presided over today’s ceremony, immediately feared foul play, saying Le, 24, would never skip out on her wedding day.

“I never thought that it was anything like ‘cold feet,’” said Sherry, of Temple Beth El in Huntington, L.I.

Video surveillance tape had shown that Annie Le walked into the science building, yet there was never any footage of the missing 24 year old medical student leaving. One would suspect that possibly she never did leave. Is it possible that the crime occurred in the building and missing Annie Le is still there? Bloody clothes were found in the science building; however, they were not those of Annie Le’s. The video of Le walking into the building would have obviously shown what she was wearing the day she went missing. So whose were they, the potential suspect’s in this case?

The blood-stained clothes found in ceiling tiles at the Yale University laboratory where graduate student Annie Le disappeared are not the clothes Le was last seen wearing, law enforcement officials said

The search for Annie Le had even extended to Hartford, CT where investigators sifting through trash at a Hartford incinerator Sunday morning.

UPDATE I: Police are reporting that a body has been found in the Yale Science building hidden in a wall. There has been no positive ID; however, who else could it possible be but that of missing Annie Le.

Investigators found a body hidden in a wall Sunday in the Yale University building where a missing graduate student was last seen.

Police believe the victim is Annie Le, 24, reported missing Tuesday night, assistant police chief Peter Reichard said at a hastily called news conference last night.

He said the body was found about 5 p.m. Sunday in a chase – a vertical space used for ducts, pipes or wires – in the basement of the building at 10 Amistad St. in New Haven.

There has yet to be a positive ID, but how many students are missing at Yale University? Especially since this building needs card access to gain entrance. Sadly, on the very day that Annie Le was to be married, her body is found.

Body thought to be missing Yale graduate student Annie Le found stuffed into a basement wall of her lab building. As previously speculated, thus the reason why investigators were never able to find video of Annie Le leaving the science building with all of the video cameras available. On thing is for certain, since this building required card access, investigators should know who was in the building at the same time that Annie Le was.

New Haven Police Assistant Chief Peter Reichard said cops found “a large amount” of physical evidence and that the case is being treated as a homicide.

The body was found in an area that houses utility cables that run between floors, police said.

More than 100 investigators from the FBI and three police departments spent the past five days poring over blueprints and surveillance footage, and used bloodhounds to search every inch of the building.

The case is some what similar circumstance to that of 46 year old  Eridania Rodriguez who went missing while working at a Manhattan sky rise building. She was seen entering the building on security cameras, but was never seen leaving. Eventually, investigators would find her body
stuffed in an air conditioning duct in a utility room on the 12th floor of the building.

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