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September 13, 2009

US Tennis Open, Anything But Serene … Serena Williams Loses her Mind and Match … “I’ll take this ball and shove it down your $#@$ Throat”

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“I’ll take this ball and shove it down your #%$&* throat.”

WOW, woman’s tennis just received an ugly black eye last night in NYC. Which is rather sad because the story of the US Open was the breath of fresh air, 17 year old Melanie Oudin from Marietta, Georgia who took Manhattan. Sadly, this US Open will forever be know for this controversial ending.

Serena Williams’ John McEnroe moment … “Are you serious!”

We have witnessed this type of behavior is football, basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey. We have even seen this type of behavior in other lesser events, but woman’s tennis? Even the antics of John McEnroe never came to such a sad and disgusting display of behavior like this.

Defending US Tennis Open champion Serena Williams goes postal on the lines judge during the semis last night and loses the match on a conduct violation. Her unprofessional and uncalled for behavior occurred on match point after the lines judge had called her for a foot fault on the previous serve. Losing a semi-finals match on verbal abuse on match point? WOW!

It still remains a mystery as to what Williams said to the lines judge. Williams denies that she said that “she would kill her.” Although, you can hear in the video that when Serena pleads her case with officials that she never said that she you kill her, fans in the background are heard to say, “yes you did”.  What was made out in the video is that Williams did threaten the lines judge by saying, “I’ll take this ball and shove it down your #%$&* throat.”

Amid the exchange, Williams could be heard saying to the lineswoman: “i didn’t say i would kill you. Are you serious?” It’s unclear exactly what she did say, but it was enough to earn her the code violation, and the match penalty.

Williams had already been given a warning, for breaking her racket after she lost the first set. This second code violation, by rule, cost her a point. With that penalty, the match ended.

After the line judge called the foot fault with Serena serving at 5-6, 15-30 in the second set, the youngest Williams sister intimidatingly stared her down before screaming at the official with a jabbed finger. After a few seconds, Serena turned back around to serve, thought better of it and resumed the badgering. The chair umpire then called over the line judge to ask what Serena had said, rules officials were summoned, a brief summit occurred at the net and it was determined that Serena would be assessed a point penalty for a conduct violation. The point gave Clijsters the match.

After the smoke, confusion and words had settled with this bizarre and confusing ending … Kim Clisters found her self in the finals and Serena Williams with egg on her face and a scar on her brilliant career.

Sadly in the post match interview, seen HERE, Serena Williams says, “she doesn’t know why she (the lines judge) would have felt threatened.” Gee Serena, maybe its because you were going off on her, shaking your racquet at her and threatening to shove a ball down her throat?

UPDATE I: Serena Williams fined Maximum $10K

Serena Williams has been fined $10K for her unsportsmanlike behavior for threatening a lines judge and reportedly, although denied by Williams threatening to kill her. Please tell me that this is not all that they are going to do against Serena Williams.

Serena Williams faces an anxious wait to see if she is to be banned from future Grand Slam tournaments following her controversial outburst at the U.S. Open.

Williams was levied with a $10,000 fine by the U.S. Open for unsportsmanlike conduct on Sunday for her foul-mouthed tirade at a line judge the night before, as she slumped to a semifinals defeat to Kim Clijsters. The fine was the maximum possible at this stage.

10K? Oh wait they are also fining her $500 for racquet abuse. WTF!!! Do you know how much these tennis players make? The entire amount of fines levied, $10,500 represents 3% of Williams earning for the US Open. Oh yeah, that’ll learn her. What a joke. For what she did, she should forfeit the entire amount of the purse the won and be suspended for future Grand Slam events. If not, there is nothing to ever stop her or another tennis player from doing the same thing in the future.

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