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September 12, 2009

Acorn, Pimps and Prosititutes … Oh My, PART 2 … Washington, DC Office Edition

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ACORN BUSTED AGAIN … Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy.

It worked so well the first time, why not do it again. Hey Acorn, we are staring to sense a pattern.

From BigGovernment.com comes yet another damning video to the nuts at ACORN. James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles best he up for an OSCAR this year … “Best Your Film by an Independent Film Artist that cracked the ACORN nut!”


 Acorn busted again for helping pimps and prostitutes, this time the Washington, DC office. A second video has surfaced my independent film maker James O’Keefe posing as the pimp. The hits keep on coming and so do the Acorn firings.

“But that does not excuse the behavior of the employees,” wrote ACORN’s president Alton Bennet and executive director Mike Shea. “We have fired them and are initiating an internal review of practices and reminding all staff of their obligation to uphold the highest legal and ethical standards.”

However,  ACORN did not take full responsibility as they claimed that this was part of a smear campaign. Good grief. Your employees are caught dead to rights on video in their own words, deeds and actions and this is a smear campaign? Sound a bit like a Van Jones apology.

The group’s leaders said Friday they were “appalled and angry” at what their staffers had done, but insisted the videos were part of a political “smear” campaign and not representative of the institution as a whole.

The LEFT and ACORN can complain all they want of being set up or being a apart of a “smear campaign,” the fact of the matter is the ACORN employees seemed very comfortable in their skin providing advice to defraud the IRS.

 This ACORN criminal activity caught on video is like the cockroach principle. How many times did they and have they give this same type of advice to individuals who were not making a video to expose them and provide a valuable service to America.

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