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May 25, 2005

Zarqawi evacuated from Iraq

Posted in: War on Terror,World

A militant Islamic Web site that is frequently used by Iraq al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi states that he was evacuated from Iraq after being injured. Previously, the site had indicated that he was wounded, now Zarqawi may have fled Iraq.

An Islamic Web site statement claimed Wednesday that Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Qaida’s point man in Iraq, has fled to a “neighboring country” with two Arab doctors treating him for gunshot wounds to his lung.

The claims authenticity could not be confirmed. The site used to carry messages from al-Qaida, but has fallen out of use recently. Soon, the statement appeared on another militant site, where other posters quickly denounced it as untrue and unauthorized by the terror group.

Also Wednesday, the Iraqi government said security forces have killed Sabhan Ahmad Ramadan, a senior al-Zarqawi aide in northern Iraq.

Ramadan, also known as Agha Abu Saad, was killed as he was manning a checkpoint in the northern province of Nineveh, the government said in a statement. It added that Ramadan was a leading aide to Abu Talha — the head of operations in Mosul for al-Zarqawi and his al-Qaida in Iraq terror group.

Wednesday’s message from somebody identified only as al-Khalidi — the same name as somebody who used the site regularly in the past — said the information was based on accounts of “brothers close to the holy warriors in Iraq and who are in contact with them.” He did not elaborate.

Rusty at the Jawa Report also has a great round up and update coverage on the possible movement of Zarqawi. From the UPI comes the following:

A militant Islamic Web site reported Wednesday Iraq al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was evacuated from Iraq after being injured.

Zarqawi`s group, al-Qaida Organization in Mesopotamia, said in a statement carried on the site Zarqawi was moved secretly to a neighboring country with the help of doctors from the Arab Peninsula and the Sudan.

The group did not identify the country to which Zarqawi was evacuated but said he is in a stable condition after a bullet pierced the right side of his chest causing breathing problems.

Also from the Scotsman,

Today’s statement said al-Zarqawi “was secretly smuggled to a neighbouring country a few days ago in a complicated and organised operation.” It did not identify the country.

It said al-Zarqawi was in “stable condition now” after he incurred a “bullet wound which penetrated his right lung.”

As posted the other day upon the original stories that Zarqawi was injured comes the issue that many of these accounts have not yet been confirmed or verified.

The Jawa Report has a great analysis of events and Updates that need to be seen. Also the 1754 Blog has an interesting analysis that Zarqawi may have fled to Syria. With the many unconfirmed stories I tend to go along with “Terrorism Unveiled” that this may be a “misinformation” ploy. The US military has been ratcheting up the heat and may just be hitting to close to Zarqawi’s home. I would love to be proved wrong and hear confirmation that sepsis as set in and Zarqawi has one of the many maladies referenced by Ace of Spades

Others keeping up with Zarqawi’s where-a-bouts are Terrorism Unveiled, T. Longren, and Wizbang.

Update: Roger L. Simon has some interesting perspectives on the big picture.

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