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May 25, 2005

Media Love fest with John Mc Cain

Posted in: Media,Politics

Everyone always asks, “what is wrong with the main stream media?” The answer is they seldom get it right and express their opinions in such a glass bubble that the rest of America just sits back and scratches their head. Add to the long line of how can the media be so obtuse the article by David Broder, ‘The Senate’s Real Leader’.

Who could not have guessed that the media would gush over Senator John Mc Cain as the real leader of the Senate? The school girl crush that the MSM has with Mc Cain pretty much nauseates the rest of America. Of course Broder has become one of those journalist that you just take the opposite opinion or prediction of and you make out like a bandit. How could anyone get it so wrong?

The Monday night agreement to avert a showdown vote over judicial filibusters not only spared the Senate from a potentially ruinous clash, but also certified John McCain as the real leader of that body.

Real leader? He got the support of 7 Republicans who are in search of a spine today. Leader? I would dare say Mr. Broder that both Frist & Reid have more support than Mc Cain. All Mc Cain accomplished was to piss off the Republican base. Is it any wonder how clueless the MSM is that they would think that gaining the support of spineless Senators is somehow a power grab.

In contrast to Majority Leader Bill Frist, who was unable to negotiate a compromise with Minority Leader Harry Reid or hold his Republicans in line to clear the way for all of President Bush’s nominees to be confirmed, McCain looks like the man who achieved his objectives.

Achieved objectives? There was nothing achieved except to delay the inevitable. People of conviction and strength do not put issues off for others to deal with. They take them head on no matter what the consequences. This is why America respects President Bush. Like him or not, to take on such massive issues like terrorism, social security and tax reform rather than leaving the problem for future generations should be applauded. The left may disagree with his policies; however, at least he is willing to confront the problem. All John Mc Cain did was accomplish another photo op so he could be in the lime light for all the MSM.

Who does not think that the filibuster issue will rear its ugly head from Democrats at the first Supreme Court nomination? Every body knows it will come to a head upon President Bush’s Supreme Court nomination. The only objective accomplished was to prolong the judicial filibuster issue instead of be accountable and deal with it now.

The success of the “Gang of 14″ was a rare and welcome triumph over the antagonisms that have been so deeply rooted in the political generation that came of age in the 1960s and 1970s, when the nation was torn by conflicts over civil rights, women’s rights, abortion and, most of all, Vietnam.

Obviously Broder does not get out much and listen to what Republicans think of the 14 invertebrates that have become affectionately known in circles as the “Filthy 14″ or in the seven Republican’s case, “The Seven Dwarf’s“. There is a reason why many dislike the compromise. Whether you be on the right or the left; people want their politicians to stand for something. Not just make deals for the sake of pleasantries. The left and right have actually found common ground on this issue. Something that does not happen all that often.

Atrios gets it right in a perfect example of how the left and right can agree on certain things. We both know a farce when we see one and a media contrived event.

More importantly, it just isn’t the case that the electorate is especially enamored with compromise.

McCain’s popularity, largely a media creation thanks to friendly copy written by happy well-lubricated journalists during his primary run, had nothing to do with his being a “moderate” or a “compromiser.”

Let us go back to the 2004 Presidential Election and remember the constant MSM drumbeat of the “UNDECIDED” swing vote. In the end no one cared about these people. If they couldn’t make their mind up a week before an election after one of the most media blitzed campaigns; who could count on them?

Note to news media: John Mc Cain is a leader of nothing but maybe his own press clippings. He is a legend in his own mind pumped up as the Republican media darling. The majority of Americans whether regardless of what political side they are from do not want a leader who compromises. They want someone with a strong vision who can take that plan and implement it to make America better. Is it ever any wonder why Senators are never elected President. The filibuster compromise is all the example one needs to understand why.

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