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August 13, 2009

More Bad Polling News For Obama, Town Hall Protests are Winning over Sympathies of Independents

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How many politicians are going to side with a plan that both seniors and Independents are strongly against? Do so at your own peril.

The smear campaign by Democratic Senators, Congressman and the White House against those attending and voicing their opinions at town hall meetings is not working. It would appear that politicians calling “We the People” and angry mob, Nazis, brown shirts, political terrorists, crazies and un-American is accomplishing just the opposite from their intended purpose.

According to a USA/Gallup poll, Independents are sympathetic to the cause of the town hall protesters. This is yet another arrow in the side of Obamacare and the Democratic politicians who have done little to listen to the will of the people. By a two to one margin, the all important Independent vote side with and are sympathetic to the Obamacare protesters.

In a survey of 1,000 adults taken Tuesday, 34% say demonstrations at the hometown sessions have made them more sympathetic to the protesters’ views; 21% say they are less sympathetic.

Independents by 2-to-1, 35%-16%, say they are more sympathetic to the protesters now.

The findings are unwelcome news for President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders, who have scrambled to respond to the protests and in some cases even to be heard. From Pennsylvania to Texas, those who oppose plans to overhaul the health care system have asked aggressive questions and staged noisy demonstrations.

As stated by Stop the ACLU, it has become a Democratic Healthcare Backfire Bonanza

More bad news for Obama is that the town hall forums have grabbed public attention: Seven in 10 respondents are following the news closely. What is the response of the Obama Administration? They question the polling methodology of course. Rome is burning all around them and Team Obama finds every excuse other than looking at the facts … America hates government run Obamacare. Obama and his minions blame the cable media, they blame the polls, they blame insurance and organized opposition. They just cannot accept the fact that they are on the wrong side of the will of the American people.

White House adviser David Axelrod questioned the USA TODAY survey’s methodology, saying those who report being more sympathetic to the protesters now were likely to have been on that side from the start. “There is a media fetish about these things,” Axelrod said of the protests, “but I don’t think this has changed much” when it comes to public opinion.

No one gets the outrage of “We the People” but we the people. Not the politicians or the so-called political pundits no matter what network they are on. The fact of the matter is “We the People” are pissed off and are not going to take it any more. The President, the Senate and the Congress are so out of touch with the American people that they are all about to learn a lesson in “Representative” Democracy.  Represent “We the People” or be thrown out of office.

Why would it be such a shock to understand that challenging politicians who are so out of touch with the American people would be looked upon as a positive. If the Democrats keep this up, this foolish game of insulting the very people who voted them into office, the House and Senate may actually change in the midterm elections.

A note to Republicans … You clowns wanted to pass a few Amendments to the health care bill and pass it. It was the people who said no, HELL NO!!!. You too are on notice. Listen to the people or you will be voted out as well.

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