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August 12, 2009

Obama White House Has Lost Credibility with Americans … They Insist “Bussed In” Town Hall Folks were Randomly Picked

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What are the odds that so many “friendly” Obama supporters showed up at the Portsmouth, NH Town Hall randomly?

Why has Obamacare support from Americans sunk like a rock over the past couple months? Because the American people have lost the trust and confidence that Obama will do the right thing. They have lost confidence that he is capable of telling the truth.


More random bussed in Obama supporters

In all polls, Barack Obama’s numbers have dropped significantly in his handling of health care and for the actual support of Obamacare and HERE as well.

Why have people lost trust in Democratic Senators, Congressman and the President? The explanation could never been on display better and never so evident than at Obama’s Town Hall meeting in Portsmouth, NH. The White House insists that the people at the Town Hall event were picked randomly. Oh Really? You mean like little 11 year old Julia Hall, the daughter of an Obama supporter and Obama organizer who some how out of sheer coincidence and luck of the draw not only was picked randomly by a computer to be at the town hall, but was also able to ask a question of “The One.”

Give us a break President Obama and do not insult our intelligence.

The Gateway Pundit asks whether the people who were bussed in were randomly picked as well? For weeks Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have been claiming that the anti-Obamacare response was fabricated and lead by RNC operatives. Sorry San Fran Nan, but that type of anger and hostility is impossible to manufacture. However, how convenient that some how an Obama Town Hall reflects nothing of what has been going on across America. It did not even reflect the atmosphere outside on the streets of Portsmouth as pro and anti-Obamacare folks battled each other. Talk about your astro-turfing a town hall meeting.


How can anyone ever believe what comes out of Obama’s mouth any more if, White House Says Girl With Campaign Ties Chosen at ‘Random’ to Speak at Obama Town Hall.

Facing a barrage of questions Wednesday over the friendliness of the audience at President Obama’s New Hampshire town hall meeting, the White House insisted that all questions were selected at random — including one from an 11-year-old girl whose mother worked as an Obama organizer.

Julia Hall of Malden, Mass., grabbed the microphone Tuesday during Obama’s town hall meeting in Portsmouth, N.H., and told the president she saw signs “outside saying mean things about reforming health care” as she walked into the building.

“How do kids know what is true and why do people want a new system that can, that help more of us?” she asked Obama.

Kathleen Manning Hall, Julia Hall’s mother and a coordinator of Massachusetts Women for Obama during the campaign, was seated next to the girl as she asked the question — prompting some to question whether Obama recognized the girl or her mother.

The fact of the matter is that this was a staged event and for the WH to say anything any different is bull.

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