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May 23, 2005

John Edwards, WHO?

Posted in: Politics

I hear a voice from amid the hair spray and blow dryer sounds. Can it be? Yes, its John Edwards. Frankly I am having a difficult time remember exactly who he is. Oh no, he’s not going to bring back that tired two America’s speech again?

So John Edwards is going to set up a Southern Strategy for 2008. A What?

Former Sen. John Edwards is waging a one-man war on poverty that could serve as the springboard for a “Southern strategy” presidential campaign in 2008 built on the premise that the Democrat from North Carolina could do better across the South than Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y.

“This is my campaign now – to eradicate poverty in America,” says Edwards, the son of a once-impoverished textile mill worker who had to borrow $50 to pay the hospital bill when Edwards was born. “I’m going to shine a bright light on Americans in poverty. It’s personal for me.”

If its is so personal Mr. Edwards maybe you would like to show everyone your personal wealth and then lecture to us about poverty and those two America’s.

By the way former Senator Edwards in order to have a Southern strategy you should maybe have carried a couple of Southern States in the 2004 Democratic Primaries other than South Carolina. You couldn’t beat a Northeast Liberal like John Kerry in the South, what makes you think that you can form a winning strategy against Hillary Clinton? John Edwards could not win re-election in North Carolina as a Senator and somehow he has a “Southern Strategy”? This is priceless.

Let’s face is John Edwards “Southern Strategy” is going to have a tough time getting over this little hurtle.

Hat Tip: Jayson at PoliPundit

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