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May 23, 2005

Howard Dean, Democratic Mouth Piece

Posted in: Politics

Looks like Howard Dean has managed to put his foot in his mouth again. A Freudian slip or a misspoken word; Dr Dean is the spokesman & Chair for the DNC. One would think that Dr Dean could get his facts straight in an unchallenged interview like he had with Tim Russert this weekend on Meet The Press. Then again many of the things Howard said were a bit questionable.

“But the thing that really bothered me the most, which the 9-11 Commission said also wasn’t true, is the insinuation that the president continues to make to this day that Osama bin Laden had something to do with supporting terrorists that attacked the United States.”

Interestingly that Howard Dean was on Meet the Press unchallenged. One can only imagine how flustered and the “memory lapses” that he will have when he actually is called on some of his outlandish comments.

More to follow on Howard Dean, the Republican’s best friend.

Looks like Michelle Malkin and the 1754 Blog are posting too on the Dean gaff.

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