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May 23, 2005

Mark Steyn is Amazing

Posted in: General,Media,War on Terror

Oh, to turn a phrase such as this. Once.

As for the wackiness of Muslim fanatics, well, up to a point. But, you know, we’ve been told ever since 9/11 that the allegedly seething ”Muslim street” was about to explode, and for four years it’s remained as somnolent as a suburban cul-de-sac on a weekday afternoon.

Mark Steyn explains how a Cricket Star, Imran Khan, created the riots around the Muslim world. I will not even try to describe Khan, as Mark has him dead to rights.

Imran is a highly Westernized, wealthy Pakistani who found great fame and fortune in England. He palled around with the Rolling Stones, dated supermodels and married Jemima Goldsmith, daughter of billionaire businessman Sir James Goldsmith. Jemima was hot but of Jewish background and therefore, like much of Imran’s stereotypical playboy lifestyle, not particularly advantageous when he decided to go into Pakistani politics. So, having demonstrated little previous interest in the preoccupations of the Muslim street, Imran then began pandering to it. I doubt whether he personally cared about that Newsweek story one way or the other, but he’s an opportunist and that’s why he went out of his way to incite his excitable followers.

So, since I have taken the road to pontification and ideas, why don’t we try this.

In the next set of leaflets we drop in our hunt for Osama, we use the backside to publish this biography of Imran Khan. Let the Muslims he is trying to manipulate that find out he sleeps with a Jew and lives like a Westerner.

That would teach the rest of the morons over there who live like sinners and preach like angels that we will call them on their hypocrisy.

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