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July 26, 2009

Hey Al, Did You get the MEMO? 3000 Low Temperature Records Set in July 2009

Posted in: Al Gore,Global Warming,weather

Hey Al Gore, it really is not easy being Green is it? More to the point, not easy claiming global GoreGreenwarming when 3000 low temperature records were set in July 2009. Even your beloved Nashville, TN experienced record lows in July.

Care to explain how temperatures can be so low when the same amounts of CO2 are being emitted into the atmosphere? Maybe, just maybe there are other things that affect climates other than the science that the “global warming” cries? Maybe, just maybe, it’s cyclical and man has nothing to do with the temperature changes.

It’s not just the surface land temps — Blog reader Tim points out “Water temps at Frying Pan Shoals (off Cape Fear) fell to 78 degrees a few days ago; NDBC historical data shows this occurs only 0.3% of the time in July!” Here’s a look at the weekly departure from normal sea-surface temperatures:


This map which shows the lack of 85-degree days in the Northeast through July 20th

First, some stats. 1,044 daily record low temperatures have been broken this month nationwide according to NCDC — count record “low highs” and the number increases to 2,925, surely to pass 3,000 before the end of the month. Some thoughts on the ‘low highs” below.*

As the Cap & Trade or is it Cap & Tax or is it as it as Republican Minority House Leader John Boehner  think called the Climate bill, “a ‘pile of s–t’.”

The following is a partial comment from one of the reader at accuweather.com that pretty much sums up the entire controversy regarding global warming, “I think it is becoming apparent that the science of climatology is much more complex and unpredictable than many ‘experts’ extol …”

Just recently, The Corner asks, has Global Warming stopped? Is it any wonder why the green crowd now calls it climate change.

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