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July 27, 2009

Barack Obama … A Teaching Moment, Who’s? 46% of Voters Say Obama handled Cambridge Police, Crowley, Gates Arrest Poorly

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The “teachable moment” is don’t play the race card and call people racists when it does not exist. Stop using the race card as a weapon! Racism is born from ignorance, what do we call it when one uses racism was a weapon?

Barack Obama … the teaching moment is yours. This may be a hard fact to swallow but not all white police officers are out to get the black man. It is actually disturbing that a sitting President of the United States assumed the worst of law enforcement before having none of the facts.

How can the teaching moment be one of racial profiling when that did not even occur during the incident between professor Gates and police officer Crowley? How does one have a teaching moment based on a false premise, a lie if you will? We might as well have a teaching moment on domestic abuse while we are at it, because that didn’t happen either and it goes on every day.

Juan Williams, on Fox News Sunday, did the country an immense service by recounting what exactly occurred: “The president spoke without the facts. You can’t have a ‘teachable moment’ if it’s based on a lie.”

What is the teaching moment that President Barack Obama is talking about when it comes to having  Harvard professor Gates and police officer Crowley over to the White House for a beer? By the way, who’s teaching moment is it, Obama’s?

Is it any wonder that by a 46% to 26% that American voters think that Barack Obama handled the incident involving a white Cambridge, Massachusetts policeman and a black Harvard professor poorly. Barack Obama was elected in part and seen as a racial healer. Instead, he admittingly fanned the flames of racism and created a national race issue from an incident where none existed.

Maybe Barack Obama can learn to not rush to judgment? Maybe the Obamamessiah can learn to not play the race card where none exists? Maybe The One can learn to actually gather the facts of a situation for bad mouthing the police and realize that just because someone is his friend, does not make them right? Maybe Obama can learn that it was not the police who racially profiled, but it was he, Barack Obama, who had it in his heart and mind with no facts that a white cop had to have wronged a black man?

What should be most disturbing to all Americans is that President Obama knew this question was coming in advance. On today’s Fox News Sunday, presidential press secretary Robert Gibbs admitted President Obama had been prepared to answer questions about the Henry Louis Gates arrest at his press conference last week.  So how did Obama not calculate his words properly when he knew in advance what he would say, hmm?

So now we know that President Obama didn’t properly “calculate” his words about the Cambridge police “acting stupidly” even after being prepared for such a question in advance.  Thus is revealed the president’s tone deafness in failing to anticipate the backlash such an answer might provoke.

Pajama Media provides 5 reasons why “Gate-gate” matters. It is important to read through what on earth Obama was thinking or attempting to accomplish.

Heck, Obama and the Dems have never learned from the last teaching moment when the President made a joke regarding Special Olympic.


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