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July 12, 2009

Joe Jackson Makes Bid to Care for Michael Jackson’s Children … Maybe He is Looking to Ruin Their Lives as Well

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The Three Ring Circus continues … will Jackson’s children ever be allowed to live normal lives? Where have all the cowboys gone? Who is looking out for them rather than looking at them as the geese that laid the golden eggs?

And for the, you have to be absolutely joking moment of the week …

Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, makes bid to take care and custody of the King of Pops children. Because he did such a fine job with Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Janet and La Toya. Quit while you are behind Joe.


Joe Jackson uses son’s death to plug label, imagine how he can exploit Michael’s Children? Watch this video (3:20)and make your own decision.

Shoeless Joe Jackson of Black Sox scandal fame and musician Joe “Steppin Out” Jackson have a better shot of raising these kids. Good grief! Maybe Joe can promise the Courts not to whip the children?

 … father Joe Jackson’s parenting — especially with Michael — has long been a subject of scrutiny and controversy. So it’s all the more surprising that the driven patriarch is now working to forge a larger role for himself in the lives of Michael’s three children.

Surprising, why surprising? Joe “what’s in it for me” Jackson controlling and exploiting the children of his son Michael Jackson? How is this surprising? Reprehensible, yes; sick, yes; surprising, no!

Does anyone with a brain not think that exploitation of these kids is on the mind of Joe Jackson? Hell, he has already come out and said Michael Jackson’s Kids Could Be Performers. Isn’t it the celebrity, fame and all that came with it that killed Michael Jackson?

Actually the comment Joe meant to say was,“Yes there’s no one else who can do what ‘I’ can do ‘to’ them”.

 In a partial interview released on ABC on Friday, taken from a longer interview to be aired July 14, Joe says that both he and estranged wife Katherine should take on permanent guardianship duties now that Michael has died. “Their grandmother Katherine and I should raise them,” Joe said, “Yes there’s no one else who can do what we can do for them”.

There is a reason why in his will that Michael Jackson requested that his mother Katherine be granted legal temporary guardianship of Prince Michael I, 12, Paris Michael Katherine, 11, and Prince Michael II (also known as Blanket), 7. There is no mention anywhere of Joe’s name and for a reason.

If anyone cares for these kids maybe they should read the 2003 BBC article, ‘Singer Jackson whipped by father’. Joe Jackson denied beating Michael, but admits whipping him. LOL, its all in the abuse semantics I guess.

Michael Jackson’s father has told the BBC’s Louis Theroux he whipped his pop singer son as a child.

Joe Jackson is seen saying in a show to be seen on Sunday: “I whipped him with a switch and a belt. I never beat him. You beat someone with a stick.”

Michael Jackson has consistently accused his father of beating him as a child.

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