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May 20, 2005

Think Clinton Appointee’s had it Rough?

Posted in: General,Judicial,Polls

Think Again.  I had a comment that Clinton’s appointee’s were denied at a 10 to 1 ration to Bush 43’s. Fortunately this is another liberal meme that can be laid to rest. Neal Boortz, radio talk host had this on his show yesterday, and posted it on his site, Nealz Nuze.

Read this and tell my the above statistic makes sense with a straight face?

Now .. in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the scorecard.  The Washington Times ran a story last week detailing just how obstructionist the Democrats have been on judicial appointments.  The Times article put to rest once and for all the idea that the Democrats were just doing to the Republicans what the Republicans did to the Democrats when Clinton was the one making the judicial appointments.  The Times looked at all presidential nominations to federal appeals courts during the first two-years of the first terms of recent presidents.  The following list shows the percentages of presidential appellate court nominees who were eventually confirmed by the Senate: 

Harry Truman            100%
Dwight Eisenhower    92.3%
John Kennedy             77.3%
Lyndon Johnson          96.2%
Richard Nixon              87%
Gerald Ford                 81.8%
Jimmy Carter             100%
Ronald Reagan            95%
G.H.W. Bush                 95.7%
Bill Clinton                     86.4%
George Bush                53.1%

Add in the two nominees that were Clinton’s that Bush added to reach out to the Democrats, and the total is even lower, about 50%.

So, go back to the drawing board for your justification of the abhorrent behavior by the Senate Democrats, and find a better rational.

I will stand by my intial statement, the Democrats have lost the elections and are trying to act as if they still have the majority.

Update: Looks Like Gateway Pundit was on this ahead of me. He is a smart guy!

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