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July 01, 2009

Private Health Care Business in Canada? I Thought They were the Model of Universal Healthcare?

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Look what happens when people are provided a choice. Who really wants the government to provide them healthcare? These are the same folks that responded so quickly when Hurricane Katrina hit. The government is an inefficient and wasteful entity at best, do you really want your care and your children’s care in the hands of the government?

As Obama and the Democrats go down the path of socialism and government control of healthcare, maybe Americans need to take a look to our good friend to the North and see how their universal healthcare is doing.

Canada’s universal healthcare system is always referenced as a beacon of success for universal healthcare. Really? Maybe someone should tell Canadians that. Having to face long waits, rationalized medical care and substandard care and interesting thing is occurring in the Great White North. Private clinics are opening and providing Canadians with care who are willing to pay. What a novel concept, the free market system is alive and well and working in Canada.

“I think there is a fundamental shift in different parts of the country that’s beginning to happen. I think people are beginning to realize that they should have a choice,” says Luc Boulay, a partner at St. Joseph MRI, a private clinic in Quebec that charges around $700 for most scans.

What a not so bizarre twist of fate as a country with universal healthcare is moving toward private care and a country, the United States, that has a private healthcare model is moving towards a government controlled universal, single payer system. This is not about saving healthcare in the US, it is about controlling healthcare.

Question: how many people when HMO’s first came on the scene and were forced into them because your employer foolishly chose the lest expensive insurance plan? How many of you were suddenly faced with the doctor and care you had been provided was suddenly considered not covered or not medically necessary? Get ready to witness that again, government style.

Under Obama’s universal healthcare it will be welcome to rationalized care. How else does anyone think that those that don’t have an insurance plan are going to be covered? Either premiums go up or services go down.

Of course under Obama’s universal healthcare plan, he stated during the elections that he would not tax individual’s healthcare plans to pay for his. That campaign promise was considered a lie at the time and now President Obama seems to be open to taxing the middle class for your healthcare plan in an effort to force you into a government one.

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