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May 18, 2005

Its Always Funny Until Someone Gets Hurt

Posted in: Bizarre,Crime,Healthcare

Somethings are either just too painful to write about and this may be just one of them. On the good side a woman was found not legally responsible for injuries to her boyfriend suffered while they were having consensual sex.

On the bad side as reported by the AP:

The man, identified only as John Doe in court papers, filed suit against the woman in 1997, claiming she was negligent when she suddenly changed positions, landed awkwardly on him and fractured his penis.


After finally getting over the pain and then the laughter and then the bewilderment of how this is possible; I come across this. OK, I guess it is possible.

However, there is nothing like a good attorney comment to make the pain of the story even worse. Upon receiving the ruling from the 3 judge panel, John Doe’s attorney responded:

Greenwood argued that consensual sex doesn’t mean “anything goes. … The fact that some behavior was agreed to by the parties doesn’t mean all behavior was agreed to by the parties.”

The man’s attorney, John Greenwood, said he is likely to appeal Monday’s ruling to the state’s highest court.

Some times you just have to know when to take your toys and go home.

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