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May 17, 2005

Rugby, Even More Dangerous than Hockey

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Rugby girlCoach Beaten Unconscious In Fight During Girls Rugby Match

A weekend rugby match in California has left a girls high school coach beaten until he was bloody and unconscious.

Police say they’ll seek criminal charges against several adults involved in the melee. Witnesses and police report the man was kicked in the head and face by another coach and several parents during a Saturday game.

Police say the trouble started when a referee was attacked after ordering a spectator off the field. Coach Craig Stewart intervened, holding the attacker until police arrived.

But detectives say that’s when the other coach and as many as eight people attacked Stewart. They say the 55-year-old coach apparently “never saw them coming.”

Several of the adults had fled by the time police arrived on the scene. Authorities are trying to identify those involved. Charges against the attackers could include battery and assault with a deadly weapon.

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