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June 10, 2009

Joe Biden, Vice Idiot, Tells Law enforcement “She’ll Have Your Back” … So much for Justice being Blind

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Can you imagine if a Dick Cheney said the following regarding a GWB justice nominee of the SCOTUS? These are no longer gaffes, they happen far too often, his stupidity and foot in mouth diseases is the norm.

To Joe Biden, not only is Justice not blind, it is bias as well. Who has “We the People’s” back?


Joe Biden has done it again, he has opened his mouth and the rest of America shakes their head. VP Joe Biden endorsed Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor at a White House event Tuesday by saying to law enforcement that you can count of her for having your back.

Flanked by a dozen District of Columbia police officers, Biden said Sotomayor, a former prosecutor, could be counted on to support law enforcement while on the high court.

“As you do your job, know that Judge Sotomayor has your back as well. And throughout this nominating process, I know you’ll have her back,” Biden said.


Since when is a Justice of the Supreme Court or any judge/justice of any court supposed to have anyone’s back? So much for impartiality and justice being blind. Hot Air has it correct … MORON. The only back that  Judge Sotomayor is supposed to have is that of justice itself and the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

I think what Biden said was foolish,” said Stephen Gillers, a law professor at New York University who is a prominent legal ethicist. “She’s not there to ‘have their back.’ She’s there to interpret the law as she sees fit. . .

“It’ll be embarrassing to her when she learns of it,” Gillers said. “Biden crosses the line when he starts representing to interest groups that she would be voting in their favor….”

“To say that a judge ‘has your back’ is an activist judge,” Hall said. “They’re raising doubts for everybody who’s concerned about the Bill of Rights. . . .‘She’s got your back’ is just the worst possible thing he could have said.”

However, what would we expect from a moron VP who is as uninformed a second in command as ever seen. Biden was discussing a $8.7 billion tunnel project for the NYC area stating that it would provide a much anticipated route for automobiles between NJ and Manhattan. Too bad the tunnel project was for trains. Not only does this VP not know what the project was for, he does not even know how your tax payer dollars are being spent and on what.

Pundit & Pundette have a great pic of Biden and Obama. Barack was laughing then, I wonder if he is still laughing. Just think, Biden was supposed to be the mentor to The Chosen One on foreign affairs. I hardly think that Obama’s advisors let Biden discuss old reruns of “Family Affair” with the President.

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