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May 16, 2005

Cannes Film Festival; aka “Hate America Film Festival”

Posted in: Politics

What sheer and utter hypocrisy. One would think that nothing evil ever went on in Europe. One would think that there was no dark or evil side to the lovely Europeans that like to frequent Cannes, France this time of year for than annual Cannes Film Hate America Festival. One might even think that no European country ever took part in slavery, colonization, imperialism and racism was not in their vocabulary. Then along comes the movie “Manderlay” from The Cannes festival that is supposed to paint a dark side underside of the United States.

“Manderlay,” about a fictional Alabama plantation where people are living in 1933 as if slavery were never abolished, staggered festival-goers with a disturbing portrayal of America that fails, even today, to come to terms with its racist past.

“Manderlay,” which stars Danny Glover, Willem Dafoe and Bryce Dallas Howard in a bare theatrical setting, is only the latest film by von Trier to probe America’s darkest corners — all with anything but happy endings.

What part about FICTIONAL was missed by those at Reuters discussing this story? As for the deep dark side of America; exactly what country does not have one? I must have missed the lack of a skin head movement in Germany and throughout many European countries when I was last there. The anti-Semitic movement rampant through out Europe. Exactly which countries was it that imperialized and subjugated people over the centuries? Which continent was it that colonized Africa? How soon they have forgotton about this. Or is it convenience? There is a reason why it was called the rape of the Belgium Congo. I did not also realize that racism toward blacks was something inherent to America. Really? Then more anti-American films were presented at Cannes as well.

There are a number of other films that examine dark and depressing aspects of the United States and “American Dream” losers, filled with violence, drugs and alcohol abuse. They were made by directors from the United States, Canada and Europe. The films, screening at the world’s most important festival here, also feed off a lingering anti-American sentiment prevailing in Europe over the Iraq war. Michael Moore won the festival’s top award last year for his film “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

Belgium Africa

Because we all know there are no racism, drugs, violence or alcohol abuse in Europe.

None at all.

FRANCE_burn synagogue

It is just a perfect Wonderland where all ills of society are absent.

Welcome to a place called “Perfect” otherwise known as Europe.



Maybe, just maybe the European’s should spend a little more time looking into the issues that trouble their own society rather than worrying about or finding fault with the United States?

In no uncertain terms, get a life.

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