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May 13, 2005

Boxer says Filibuster is on the table for Bolton

Posted in: General,Politics

Trey Jackson has video of Barbara Boxer’s appearance on Chris Matthews show laying out the filibuster option for the democrats.

The Democrat’s have only one tool left in their arsenal and that is the filibuster. The media has let them use it with impunity over the past couple of years and has not created any real cost for employing it. Unfortunately, the Republican leadership has also fallen into the same trap.

If the paper filibuster was discarded and every time the Democrats wanted to filibuster a candidate they had to do a traditional one, the dynamic would change. But I am afraid that the Senate under the Republicans has turned into a Gentleman’s Club, with a formality and grace that is purely artificial.

We need it to return to its rough and tumble roots. I want the Democrats to dislike Republicans, and vice versa. I want them to look at each other bitterly. This is a battle for the hearts and minds of our country. Then we can achieve the goals the people of the United States of America have set.

As long as the Senate kow tows to this myth that we are all Roman Senators, we will have a mess. You are politicians. Act like it. Fight for your beliefs. The Democrats are. Senator Frist, why can’t you?

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