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May 14, 2009

Casey Anthony & Murder of Caylee Anthony … Cindy and George Anthony go on Larry King Live with Atty Conway

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Cindy and George Anthony repeatedly go in front of the media and then wonder why people are critical of them. They put themselves in the public eye and refuse to answer the tough questions. The Anthony’s would stand behind their daughter in the wake of all the obvious evidence, yet not stand up for their 2 year old grand daughter. Who needed their help and support more, their adult daughter Casey or their old grand daughter Caylee?

Who are the Anthony’s, especially Cindy most critical of, bloggers. Cindy, bloggers are your worst nightmare because the are focused, interested individuals who dissect all data to get to the truth and to justice. We believe in unconditional love … unconditional love for Caylee Anthony. My advice to the Anthony’s and their criticism of bloggers … BRING IT!!!


Cindy & George, meet the little girl who bloggers have unconditional love for

Cindy and George Anthony, the parents of tot mom Casey Anthony who has been charged with the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony went on Larry King Live last evening. Once again Cindy and George carted out the all to predictable victim card and they are are just misunderstood.

Larry King asks the Anthony’s why people, especially people on the blogs are critical of them. Cindy Anthony’s response to Larry’s questions is, because they don’t understand. Actually Cindy, we understand all to much and that is your problem. Not only does Cindy Anthony live in a world of denial when it comes to the fact that her daughter, Casey Anthony, murdered their grand daughter, but she is in complete denial and clueless as to why people, bloggers, are critical of them. We pick apart the evidence Cindy. We separate fact from BS. We also connect the dots. We also question why you do not stand for the little girl, your grand daughter Caylee Anthony.

KING: Now, we are amazed here, because we’ve received — get this — thousands of blog responses to your appearance here tonight. We’ll be getting to some of them later. This is just a sample that I have in front of me of the blogs, if I can present these to you.

And, honestly, most of them are critical.

Why do you think people are angry at you?

CINDY ANTHONY, CAYLEE’S GRANDMOTHER: Because they don’t understand. I mean a lot of people — you know, they just — they don’t understand. They’ve never been in our shoes. So a lot of people — especially bloggers. You know, they’ll sit back and they like to pick things apart. And, you know, we’re a target.

KING: But what are they picking apart?


KING: What are you doing?

CINDY ANTHONY: They’re picking apart the fact that we’re standing behind our daughter. They’re picking apart the fact that we are trying to make something out of Caylee’s tragedy. And that’s — that’s what it’s all about 

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The rest of the videos can be seen HERE


Cindy and George Anthony, you know what we pick apart? We pick apart the facts and the evidence of the case. Sorry if we hold you, George and Lee to things that you have done and said. Was it not you Cindy who said at the outset of this case that “the trunk smelled like death?” Oh that’s right Cindy, it was pizza.

These are the same people who attacked and blamed law enforcement and searchers like Texas Equusearch for Caylee being missing. They blamed everyone but the very person responsible. Refusing to search for Caylee in all ways possible, live or dead, the Anthony’s stated that Caylee’s death would be on others hands when the reality was Caylee Anthony lay dead a mile away from their home in the woods, duct tape around her head.

And if we continue to, you know, look at evidence that hasn`t been verified like your forensics specialist said, none of this has been verified. You guys are going to put the coffin — Caylee in a coffin because eventually something is going to happen to her if we don`t find her.

What are the Anthony’s making out of Caylee’s tragedy, except money? Do the Anthony’s want to discuss all of the $’s they have made from interviews and pictures provided to the media?

“There is something wrong…I found my daughter’s car today, it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car,” Cindy Anthony yelled into the receiver.

Larry King’s finest moment in the interview might have been when he simply asked George Anthony, why don’t you just ask your daughter what happened and what’s going on? LK says, I would. George Anthony was left stumbling for an answer. Which basically means, prior to Casey being arrested, either the Anthony’s never asked Casey what happened to maintain plausible deniability or they did and do not want to repeat their daughter’s answer as it would harm her in her trial.

KING: No. But you have thoughts, don’t you, George?

I mean — I would — wouldn’t you ask your daughter, what’s — what’s going on?

I mean I would.

G. ANTHONY: Well, I mean there’s so many things I really would like to know, but there’s a lot of things I just don’t know. I mean I…

Cindy Anthony then goes on the attack once again and claims that bloogers do not know “unconditional love” and that bloggers “typically, are people that want to find fault with other things because that’s what they do and that’s how they spend their life.” Really? That’s interesting because the bloggers I know are the people who actually searched for Caylee Anthony, like Scared Monkeys did, while you and George rode around in your car and hung out with Kid Finders refusing to search as Cindy stated she would only search for a live Caylee. The bloggers I know worked tirelessly on this investigation to provide answers.  You can join the conversation, discussion and analysis of evidece and information at Scared Monkeys.net Forum: Caylee Anthony.

Actually, what is sad is that little Caylee Anthony never had a chance and with a self-absorbed family like what she was surroinded by, how could she?

KING: OK. Back to the public factor. They’re taking it out on you. Let’s get a little deeper into that. Why, do you think?

I mean you’re not charged with this murder. You’re standing by your daughter — no, who wouldn’t stand by the daughter?

Why are they mad at you?

CINDY ANTHONY: Good question. They don’t understand…

KING: What?

CINDY ANTHONY: I don’t know. I don’t know. They don’t understand. They don’t understand unconditional love. They don’t understand…

KING: You think all these people are saying well, if it were my daughter, I wouldn’t stand by her?

If it were my son…

CINDY ANTHONY: I don’t know.

KING: …I’d leave him?

CINDY ANTHONY: I don’t know if they are. If these people actually have children, you know — I don’t know what the — who these bloggers are. I don’t know.

I get thousands of letters of people that are mothers and grandmothers that support me 100 percent. They’re not bloggers. Bloggers, typically, are people that want to find fault with other things because that’s what they do and that’s how they spend their life. And it’s kind of sad.

If they would use that energy into something positive like we’re trying to do, you know…

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