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May 13, 2009

Obama Administration Now Takes on Cheerios … War on Cheerios

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More CHANGE … Suddenly Cheerios is considered a drug.

With an economy is a recession and the almost pending situation of a war on terror, the Obama CheeriosWhite House now takes aim at Cheerios. So Cheerios are now considered Enemies of the State. Think this government is not over-reaching its power and showing zero common sense? What next … a ban on Captain Crunch or as Don Suber states, “Next they will tell me that Lucky Charms are not magically delicious, but rather manufactured like any other cereal.”

Cereal Makers Scolded Because Claim Of Lowering Cholesterol 10 Percent In Month Makes It A “Drug”

Company Fires Back: This Is About Language, Not Science

The Food and Drug Administration scolded the makers of Cheerios about the way they promote the cereal’s health benefits. The FDA sent a letter of warning to General Mills accusing them of making unauthorized health claims.

Current boxes of Cheerios are touting what the company calls exciting news — the cereal’s ability to help lower cholesterol 10 percent in one month.

According to a letter from the FDA General Mills’ advertising violates the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The agency said claims that Cheerios ingredients can lower cholesterol within a certain amount of time, all while providing cancer-fighting and heart-healthy benefits, essentially makes Cheerios “a drug” by their definition

Thinks they don’t want to control everything in your lives including your cereal!!! Is there anything that the Obama Administration won’t keep their hands off?

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