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May 11, 2009

Prominent SC Business man John Ludwig Jr claims “ I Didn’t Do It , Officer..Bambi Did”

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After leaving a wedding reception, getting into his Massarati, driving 90 miles an hour down a Bambi22country road in the wrong lane, already being out on a 1 million dollar bond for another offense and plowing through the home of 62 year old William Bardsley and killing him as he watched baseball in his recliner, prominent business man John Ludwig Jr claims that Bambi did it.

Ludwig says he  swerved to miss a deer and that is when he ran off the side of the road, and into Mr.Bardsley’s living room. Is that the best they’ve got?

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I have been known to drink a little champagne at a wedding reception, haven’t you? Sure you have.I have never left the reception, however, and gotten into my vehicle running 90 miles an hour ,though.And if I did, and if I killed an innocent man sitting in his recliner watching baseball, I would think that the police would maybe, just maybe, give me a DUI test. Right? I mean, it makes sense, right? 

That didn’t happen here. The police did not test Mr.Ludwig for alcohol.Said they did not have probable cause to believe he was drinking. Really? Ummm…leaving a party, driving recklessly and killing someone in the comfort of their own home with your motor vehicle doesn’t warrant a DUI test?  Alrighty then… What does?

Mr.Ludwig drove a Masserati. Did you guys pick up on that? What does that tell you? He wasn’t in a minivan..or a Volvo,people…A Masserati….and Masserati says, money…And money talks….at least that is the general consensus in Greenville., SC.Protesters have been lined up in front of the solicitors office begging him to charge Ludwig with murder…claiming that because he is a wealthy man, that he need not get away for the wreckless homicide of Mr Bardsley.

And yesterday, Bob Arial, the 13th circuit court solicitor, must’ve listened.He charged Ludwig with the murder of Mr.Bardsley. Ludwig and his money have hired his very own local dream team.And this is what they have to say in Ludwig’s defense.

Billy Wilkins, the former federal judge who now is representing John Ludwig Jr., said his client was returning from a wedding reception at the time of the wreck.
“He’s only traveled a short distance, and all of a sudden a deer moved there on the side of the road,” Wilkins said. “And he just kind of swerves, and that pitches his wheels off the road. And there’s no barrier there. There’s no ditch there. It’s just pasture.

Correct me if I am wrong, but if you are traveling in excess of 90 miles an hour, swerving to miss a deer is the least of your problems. So, lets don’t blame Bambi for someone else’s stupidity.Chances are, deer or no deer, he would’ve killed himself or someone else traveling at that rate of speed anyway.

This just reaffirms the old saying that money talks and BS walks.

Come on, Wilkins, you can do better than that.

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