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May 12, 2005

All You Wanted to Know About LightSabers

Posted in: Fun,General,Media

Around our house it is Star Wars all the time. We have Lego Star Wars on the computer, Clone Wars on the Cartoon Network, books and magazines littered with the stuff. Having 8 and 5 year old boys makes not hearing about every possible character is near impossible. There are lego star wars models on the shelves, lego characters on the floor, plus the hobby shop has miniatures available and they are the target of the weekly allowance. Even the 5 year old has his own Millennium Falcon.

It is overwhelming.

But I have my revenge. I think… How Stuff Work, a site about, you guessed it, how stuff works, has created a primer on How a Light Saber Works. The crew over there must have had a great time putting this together as it seems absolutely realistic. So boys, this is what I promised you. Have at it

How LightSabers Work.

Light saber detail

Hat Tip A Small Victory, Michelle Can find the coolest stuff


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