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May 11, 2005

Harry Reid; If GWB is such a Loser, What Does that make You?

Posted in: Politics

One really has to wonder about the comment that Senator Minority Leader, Harry Reid, said last week. One has to continue to wonder what strategy Democrats have today that is any different from the failed one that has seen them lose 3 straight elections including unprecedented mid-term losses of House and Senate seats.

It begs the question; Senator Reid, if President George W. Bush is such “a loser“, what does that make you and the Democratic Party? Reid also went on to say, “I think President Bush is doing a bad job.”

What a predicament the Minority Leader finds himself in. He makes a foolish comment and then apologizes for it.

After the statement was released, Reid phoned the Review-Journal to acknowledge he thought he crossed the line.

Then because he must pander to the Left wing of his party, Senator Reid has to all of a sudden act like he is being defiant as earlier posted.

However, back to the point that President Bush is a loser. Does a loser do the following:

Created a total of 420,000 new payroll jobs during the months of March and April.
Lower U.S. trade deficit More here.
Destroyed the Taliban
Creates environment in Iraq for democratic elections to take place.
Jobless Claims falling. Report.
Housing Prices keep rising
Productivity Up
Unemployment rates among minorities down

Could someone please tell me what Democrats are doing besides whining?

As I said, if GWB is a loser what does that exactly make the Democrats other than truly hateful and pathetic.

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