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May 11, 2005


Posted in: Homeland Security,Main

I first heard this on the radio an then saw the story on Fox News and one hopes not again… Now from Drudge

SMALL PLANE ‘OFF COURSE’ CAUSES RAW ALARM IN WASHINGTON… WHITE HOUSE, CAPITOL WERE EVACUATED; VP CHENEY RACES OFF IN LIMO, STAFF RUNS FOR THEIR LIVES; Guard in West Wing of White House shouted at reporters, ‘Go down into the basement’…’Leave, run’ security officers shouted to staff and reporters at the Capitol Building. ‘This is not a drill,’ guards shouted forced people away from the building… Officers rushed through Supreme Court told staff to get into the basement…

Via Drudge

From Fox:
Also CNN:

“Run, this is no joke, leave the grounds,” a U.S. Secret Service agent told CNN White House Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux.

Update: According to Fox News – OK given to return
CNN: An all-clear announcement was issued about 15 minutes after the alert

Michelle Malkin has an interesting view from the Left moonbat point of view. One wonders how such events can be considered a laughing matter. From the pages of DU come the pointless and irrelevant. Does anyone really wonder why the Democratic Party is not in power with folks like this supporting them? Simply shameless.