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May 10, 2005

Not a Good Day for Libs and Democrats

Posted in: Economy,Politics,War on Terror

First there was news this morning that Dick Cheney had won the appeal and now Halliburton gets a $72 million dollar bonus for work preformed in Iraq. The company that liberals love to hate was actually rewarded for what many on the left do not quite understand, cost-plus basis performance.

The U.S. Army said on Tuesday it had awarded $72 million in bonuses to Halliburton Co. for logistics work in Iraq but had not decided whether to give the Texas company bonuses for disputed dining services to troops

“We have protected the taxpayer FIRST,” said the Army in a statement released later, pointing out this paragraph had been “inadvertently left off” the original news release.

Much of Halliburton’s work for the U.S. military, ranging from building bases to delivering mail, is on a cost-plus basis, which means the company can earn up to 2 percent extra depending on its performance.

Bonuses are awarded based on, among other factors, how efficient and responsible the company is to requests from the Army and is an indicator of how the Army views KBR’s performance in the field.

I can already hear the posts from the left. Evil capitalist company. Why are they getting money? Bush/Cheney conspiracy. That is not even the ones from DU that cannot be listed here. Some how a company that has a contract with a performance clause in it is not supposed to receive their bonus because many are just anti-capitalism.

Between the Cheney Appeals ruling this morning and the Halliburton bonuses, VP Dick Cheney just became public enemy #1 with Libs again. I am sure we will hear more.

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