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May 10, 2005

Ted Kennedy, King of the Higher Taxes, Tax Scowflaw?

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TeddyDoug Petch has a great post on Ted Kennedy and his taking the homeowners residency deduction on his property taxes. At the end, he asks a pertinant question: Will a reporter ask for a copy of the application that needs to be filled out for the exemption?

Read his article and enjoy. If we had an honest media, this story would have legs. Of course, if we had an honest media, there would be two different Senators representing Massachusetts.

Here is an excerpt:

But here’s where an enterprising reporter could bust the story wide open –

One credit, dubbed the Homestead Deduction, requires homeowners to file an application with the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue confirming that the property is their principal place of residence and whether they are registered to vote or have a driver’s license in the District.
But Kennedy’s office said he never filed such an application.

So who’s going to be first in line to search the records for an application filed by or for Senator Kennedy? Not that I’d be surprised if, in the world of patronage politics, no such paperwork exists. That doesn’t change the fact that he was getting 2 tax breaks that he didn’t deserve and that he was informed of them on a regular basis -

As an aside, Doug is another blogger I met in Nashville this weekend. He has a fascinating and sharp mind. It was a pleasure getting to know him.

Doug, I wonder how hard it would be to file a Freedom of Information Act request ourselves?

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