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May 10, 2005

George W. Bush Wows them in Georgia

Posted in: Politics,World

Nobody reports world news like the Gateway Pundit. His blog is always a must read on what is happening overseas. I was also privileged to meet him, talk shop and just get to know during BlogNashville.

Check out the GateWay Pundit and his posts of George & Laura’s “Excellent Adventure” in Georgia. The video of the President dancing is worth the look alone. What was that a semi-chicken dance with the President wiggling his hips? Who said GWB can’t dance? (Thanks InstaPundit)

As the Gateway Pundit says …

Wow, these are the moments that define the epic story of George W. Bush!

George and Laura Bush were treated like rock stars in the fledgling democracy of Georgia today. And, George gave one of his amazing speeches to the people of this former Soviet State

Also check out another must read for world events, the Publius Pundit.

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