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April 16, 2009

CNN … Cartoon News Network: Bias Media & CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen Attacks Thomas Jefferson at Tea Party

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Would CNN have covered the actual Boston Tea Party in the same manner? Imagine CNN’s coverage of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Alexander and the rest of our Founding Fathers. They would have been branded malcontents as well wanting to get away from The Crown.


Pics from Nashville, TN Tea Party, 4/15/09

If any of you still questioned whether there was bias in the media, you needed to look no further that CNN and Susan Roesgen’s coverage of the Tea Party protest in Chicago, Ill, the Land of Lincoln. The elite liberal media shows it’s true colors and is found wanting. Take a good look as to see what passes for journalism these days at CNN. Susan Roesgen, CNN reporter, started this with an agenda and sarcasm. She was looking to pick a fight with American’s who were looking to voice their First Amendment rights. However, we know that such rights are only allowed by the LEFT. This elite liberal media type actually had the audacity to say what does “Liberty” and paying excessive taxes that will burden our children and grandchildren for years to come? Susan Roesgen then went on to badger a US citizen expressing his God given right to freedom of speech to say that he should almost be grateful that he was given $400. The selfishness of Susan Roesgen saying look what you get now vs.not caring about the debt price tag down the road was shameful.

From The Founding Bloggers … “CNN reporter says to American Tea Party go’er expressing their Constitutional Right … “you really don’t have to be so antagonistic.” The sole agenda of this CNN reporter was antogonism.


As Michelle Malkin states, who needs ACORN nuts when you have the main stream liberal media. CNN reporter Susan Roesgen went looking for a fight. Then when she found herself in hot water, she took the cowards way out. Hey toots, if you can’t stand the heat, stay at your abortion and anti-war rallies. We all know that those are so pro-American.

“I think you get the general tenor of this. It’s anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox.”

More from Hot Air:

A tour de force of bias via TV Newser, from her sarcasm to her Fox-bashing to her badgering a guy who’ll be paying off Obama’s monstrous deficits for decades about why he isn’t satisfied with a $400 tax break this year. The title of the clip is “CNN Reporter Roughed Up at Chicago Tea-Party,” which, as you’ll see, is a transparent lie unless you consider the crowd yelling at her to stop cutting off the people she’s interviewing as “rough.”

CNN went on to say that is a prime example of what went on across America. Really? That’s not what went on in Nashville, TN. Of course CNN would not promote that. The Nashville Tea Party started off with a blessing and a prayer. CNN’s antics were nothing more than shameful. The Tea Parties represent grass roots protests. However, how dare anyone protest the liberal mainstream media’s messiah, Barack Obama.

Peaceful, Respectful and Forceful Protest in Tennessee

UPDATE I: By the way CNN, You should be ashamed of your ridiculous claim of copyright violation just because CNN was found wanting of being liberal hacks.

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