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May 10, 2005

Time to Do the Right Thing!

Posted in: Bloggers,General,Media

I have known Trey Jackson  for a while by e-mail. He is the guy who has the videos. And when I say he has the videos, he has the videos. He has shown us, with an assist from the Political Teen, how powerful having the video from a news show or weblog can be. When Laura Bush gave the talk to the press club, Trey had it for us minutes later. And everyone linked to it. The amazing dynamic is that I did not wonder whether Trey would have it over at Jacksons Junction, I knew he would.

Every once in a while Red will look at me and say, there is this cool video, we should host it. I reply back, what are your crazy. Do you know the bandwidth that will take? What if it becomes popular, are you willing to pay the huge dollars needed? Well, I am not, and Trey has been. And we have been living off his largesse for a while and now he is asking for help. So if you can spare a couple of dollars, hit his tip jar. He is making the blogworld a better place. He is providing something to us that is making our sites better. If you are a reader, he has the ability to make your internet experience a little better.

So Visit his site.

And hit the tip jar.

I sure appreciate you taking the time to read this post, and now we return to our regular programming.

I would appreciate, and it may take that little bit of pressure off Trey.

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