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May 09, 2005

Blogs Busting Loose

Posted in: Bloggers,General,Media

Glenn Reynolds has an interesting column over at Tech Central Station about the BlogNashville event. He is recognizing a sea change out there, the emphasis on making money and applying video for our sites. Fortunately for us, two of our newest friends Trey Jackson and Ian the Political Teen both are avidly succeeding in hosting video, and frantically trying to monetize the situation.

I think it will be a tough road to make video profitable with the bandwidth that it uses. There will have to be a new way of looking at monetizing the web before it is profitable to serve video. But when that time occurs, these two will be in the drivers seat! And that is a very encouraging thing.

The video at the bottom is interesting. Check out Jim, The GatewayPundit, Cox and Forkum, and of course Trey and Ian. Great stuff.

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