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May 09, 2005

BlogNashville Party at Wolfy’s: From a Different Perspective

Posted in: Bizarre,Bloggers,Child Welfare,General,Personal

Three young guys helped out at the Pre Party to Blog Nashville held at Wolfy’s new stylish digs next to the GEC in Nashville. They went by the names #1 , #2 , and #4. My 8 year old wonders if they are the alter egos of the Kids Next Door. One of them had a recap that had me looking for a dictionary. Definately need to learn the new Sp33ch so when my son starts this stuff I will understand.

Here is an outtake from Jacob’s Posse.

Corrected, sorry Jacob!

rex hammock’s blog party was tonight. pretty fun.  i got to meet mr. roboto, muffy, and mr. risen’s fiance who is known as the saucy librarian to weird blogger people some. also met busy mom (she reads the blog, actually) and some old dudes.  this one guy wanted to interview us which is very cool.  he either has too much time on his hands, has no one better to interview or he’s just a guy who thinks an interview with 3 fourteen year olds and #3 (not a person) would be entertaining and/or interesting…..neeehh

we did make ..you know those things…where there’s two big pieces of cardboard tied (duct tape’d) and some guy walks around with it on advertising whatever is written on it…
front side said: welcome to blognashville.
back side said: single girlz plz!!11 (thanks for all the attention that gave me, roboto.)

we ate hors d’oeuvres (i like the way that word(s) is spell’d), kicked duct tape rolls around, and uhh made rex mad…

They seemed like “most excellent dudes”.

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