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May 07, 2005

BlogNashville: Citizen Media with Dan Gillmor

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Dan Gillmor: Citizen media is about the inexpensive tools that are getting easier to use. Tim Bernards Lee invented the internet as a read and write media. Not the purely consumption format that media was. It is a global media.

Can we count on regulators and politicians protect us from closing the open portals on communication. ie Keeping the pipes open to all content.

Evan Erwin asks how does a person protect themselves from a company with deep pockets. A guy was being threatened by a dealership.

    This was updated to reflect new information received by Evan!

ChillingEffects.org is a site that protects people who are threatened by companies.

A guy from the local Indy Media is saying the media is stuck within a certain framework. I believe that the voice of the individual is what makes the blogs unique.

Stan Brown is talking about giving a company the chance to respond that you have talked poorly about. It could diminish the opportunity for a lawsuit.

MediaBloggers is providing a service for bloggers that work within a framework that would provide legal assistance for bloggers threatened by companies.

Conversation is revolving around libel and risk.

Terry Heaton is talking about bloggers taking on the legal profession. Great reference about Walt Whitman, it is on his site. “If you’re going to write some unconventional stuff that’s going to challenge people’s thinking, you may damn well need to publish the things yourself,” he said. The internet keeps the ink off of our hands.

J.D. Lasica is talking about dealing with copyright law written for a different period in an internet age.

Dan says “Fair Use is the Right to hire a lawyer”

A Entertainment professional makes the valid point that taking media is illegal. Period. The laws the are not static and will change.

Linda Seebach has launched local media blogs on Thursday. Interesting.

Dan: Media is about many other mediums beyond Text.

What are the potential for bloggers coming together? Rick Ellis asks.

Chris Muir thinks that media is losing audience because they look down at the readers and dictates to people. People are looking to get the data they want, and he created the comic to help fill this niche.

Ed Cone is discussing his efforts in Greensboro 101 about citizen journalism.

The MediaDrop also covered the session.

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