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May 07, 2005

BlogNashville Introduction

Posted in: Bloggers,General

Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, is doing the introduction. He says the general themes he has picked up money in blogging, and video.

StanBrown is talking about the benefits of different themes in blogging, and the develop conferences that will address themes as opposed to an all purpose conference like this one.

Some discussion why Blog Nashville happenned.

Dave Winer is here to learn about how people who are of different political persuasions can have a discussion and get to the heart of shared beliefs. The underlying themes are most bloggers subscribe to a fairly common set of values. Interesting.

Blogging isn’t Journalism, Journalism isnt blogging, Sybril Bennett from Belmont College asks to give our opinions so it can help students learn the about how the media is changing. And how the students can be prepared for a new media environment when they graduate.

Robin Burk, Winds of Change, is talking about a shifting communities in the blogosphere. That alliances are shifting constantly as the issues change.

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