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March 10, 2009

Barack Obama Omnibus Bill, Budget and Spending … How Much Will Our Children & Grand Children Have to Pay?

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Vanderbilt_pay up Man!

It’s easy for those entrusted with POWER to rob generations to come. Pork coming out the ears now while they ignore their real work and responsibilities, these thieves leave conscience on the doorstep while trampling VALUES in every sense of the word. Taking candy from babies is an understatement. (Vanderbilt – ‘09)

Didn’t Barack Obama run on cutting spending and ending the culture of earmarks in Washington, DC? Obama’s double standard on spening and earmarks.

When is enough, enough? The Senate is poised today to vote on a$410 billion spending bill today covering foreign aid and domestic agency budgets which includes some 8,000 earmark pet projects. Even some Democrats realize that the American public does not have the stomach for the continued drunken sailor spending and that there will be hell to pay come midterm elections.

Hey America, how do you like these apples? So many Americans did not get pay raises this year due to the economic hard times and the government tells corporate America that CEO’s and officers should not get them either. Yet, in the $410 billion Omnibus bill, politicians get an automatic pay raise. There is an amendment to make politicians stand up and be accountable for their pay raise. Accountability? NEVER!!!

Even those who supported Barack Obama like Jim Cramer now have nothing good to say about Obama’s over the top spending plans. How dare anyone criticize Obamanomics and the spending spree that will add up to trillions in bailouts and pork barrel spending. If you criticize Obamanomics, his minions will attack.

Warren Buffet spoke on the economy that has fallen off the cliff. The most interesting thing that Buffet said was that people are confused, worried and scared. Buffet says that Democrats and Republicans should unite under Obama leadership. Wrong Mr. Buffet. If Barack Obama had actually provided leadership, clarity and transparency the American people would not be confused, worried and scared. The problem is he has created fear from his doom and gloom and people are worried about traveling down a socialist path.

Buffett called on Democratic and Republican policymakers to set aside partisan differences and unite under the leadership of President Barack Obama to wage an “economic war” that will fix the economy and restore confidence in banking.

He urged policymakers and regulators to communicate their efforts better to the public, though he stopped short of major, specific policy recommendations.

“People are confused and scared,” he said. “People can’t be worried about banks, and a lot of them are.”

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