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May 04, 2005

Stop Her Now

Posted in: Bloggers,General,Politics

A New Site by Arthur Finkelstein, whom has to be one of the good guys because the AP has labeled him a GOP Political Operative, is aptly named Stophernow.com .

We founded a new organization, STOP HER NOW, to shed light on the REAL Hillary Clinton and the danger she and her ideas pose for America. You know that for eight years Bill Clinton disgraced America and degraded the Presidency. Now he’s promoting his even more left-wing wife Hillary. And as you know, they ALWAYS smear anyone who disagrees with them or exposes them to the TRUTH.

That’s why today Bill Clinton attacks one group in particular—us.

I think the site has a great deal of potential, but it is missing one part that will keep us looking and linking, A BLOG! It is a low cost tool, that will provide interactivity and life to a very static site. So, if you have any questions Arthur, ask me or another blogger. We can show you the way to making this a powerful site in keeping the scariest woman in politics out of the White House.

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