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March 04, 2005

Welcome To Hooverville

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Earlier this week I wrote about the Worst Economy Since Hoover“. Little did I realize there would be a return visit to Hooverville so soon. The employment numbers came out today for February 2005 and I feel the need to ready my self for the self proclaimed “worst economy” that John Kerry told us about during the 2004 Presidential Election.

Today’s strong economic numbers have managed to have an effect on the Markets. And here. Over on Polipundit, Jayson breaks down the impressive GWB jobs numbers and shows unemployment figures for minorities & whites vs. the Clinton years.

It would appear that The Democratic Party may have been misleading the American public leading up to the 2004 Election. There’s something new and unusual. So is they mislead us about the economy and were completely wrong, what does that say about the Democratic opinion on Social Security.

UPDATE: Closing numbers From The NASDAQ

UPDATE: Stocks Hit 3-1/2-Year Highs

More good news for America and George W. Bush and more bad news for Democrats.

Postcard from GWB to Democrats: Welcome To Hooverville, having a great time, wish you were here.

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