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March 02, 2009

Barack Obama Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize … For What?

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What a shock, Barack “The Chosen One” Obama has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Now if only some one could tell me what the hell the Obamamessiah has done to warrant a nomination for a Nobel Peace prize. Some one? Anyone?


Al Gore getting Nobel Peace Prize Tips from Al Gore … tell ‘em change has to do with global warming, it worked for me.

A record 205 candidates are in the running for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Institute said on Friday, with US President Barak Obama and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy known to be on the list.

“We have received the names of 205 candidates, including 33 organisations,” Geir Lundestad, the head of the Nobel Institute, said.

Who knew there was a Nobel Peace prize for doing absolutely nothing? That is unless it was being President of the US and seeing the stock market fall nearly below 7000 and unprecedented spending.

“They have yet to do anything very remarkable on issues regarding war and peace,” said Gunnar Soerboe, who heads up the Christian Michelsen Institute, which specialises in peace and development research.

It appears that The Gateway Pundit has some ideas as to what Obama was nominated for:

  • Defeating Hillary Clinton?
  • Running a spectacular political campaign?
  • Bankrupting America his first month in office?
  • Spending more money than any human being in the history of earth?
  • Apologizing to Muslims for the liberation of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan from brutal Muslim regimes?

The Powers That Be also has some suggestions why Obama deserves to be nominated.

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