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February 26, 2009

Why We Love DILBERT: Bailout Hearing … Fact Finding in Aruba … Political Hypocrites

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Why DILBERT gets the bailout right:

Finally, it takes a comic strip like DILBERT to provide truth in the media. Who else finds it interesting that of all the places to travel in the world that DILBERT would equate with hypocrites, Scott Adams chooses Aruba.



A satirical comic is worth a thousand words, maybe even ten thousand words. The above DILBERT masterpiece could not have stated the political hypocrisy any better. The fact that there was an Aruba reference just adds to its greatness. The fact that Aruba’s referenced with bailout and hypocrisy is no coincidence.

The sheeple in America want to have government take care of them. Do you really, at what cost? Barak Obama believes the government is the only answer to the economic crisis and not hard working America. After trillions of dollars are spent on obvious pork barrel spending at the future tax payers expense what are we left with?

Do you as Americans really want to be help hostage and beholden to people who have actually caused the problem? I have stated this since the economic issues began. Congress, the Senate, the President all act like they care and are appalled at what corporate America has done … yet they are all the biggest hypocrites.

When it comes to waste, our government makes corporate America pale in comparison. We need to look no further than a stimulus plan that was supposed to hump start our economy yet is filled with nothing more than typical airmarks and pork barrel wish list spending projects. Do we really want to do an examination of government spending? Let’s see how these people live, travel and conduct themselves on the back of the tax payers.

Can Americans not see the obvious and that maybe the very people trying to tell you now how to fix the problem are the very people responsible? Where was the banking oversight? Where was the SEC oversight? There are committees that do this. As politicians rail on corporate America for poor business plans, bad strategy and wasteful spending … The US Government needs to only look the the mirror when it comes to such issues.

 Do we really believe that Congress, the Senate and the President are doing the work of the people? Or are they doing the work of their political agenda?


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