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February 16, 2009


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Scared Monkeys is proud to introduce the opening of its newest blog to the Scared Monkeys family, Blink on Crime.com.

Blink on Crime is bold, unique, professional and always working on behalf of law enforcement and victims. Be sure to take part and read the “true crime” analysis and stories having the benefit of inside information unique to the crime story at hand. This is not just about discussing a case … it’s about analyzing them … it’s about solving them.

Many have probably noticed that Blink34 has done several recent excellent true crime posts on Scared Monkeys.com discussing the Caylee Anthony case, Jose Baez, Todd Black and the Vernon Seitz case. It was only a prelude to the Scared Monkeys introduction to its new “True Crime” blog, BLINK ON CRIME.

Blink34 will be the contributing editor for BLINK ON CRIME.COM.

She has a background in PR/Blink Development and a passion for crime sleuthing. Many of you already know her from her days at Web Sleuths. However, we have her now and are very happy for those set of circumstances. Blink34 is now the “True Crime” Monkey.

Blink’s passion and dedication to helping law enforcement and victims of crime is out done by her persistence, professionalism and getting to the bottom of a story. Blink’s ability to dig, gather and attain necessary and related info and assemble contacts further enhances her crime sleuthing skills. Blink’s unique crime writing style is also a breath of fresh air.

The following is a brief and personal account from Blink34 as to why she got involved with crime investigation in the first place. All passions have a beginning.

My participation in research and investigation in MP cases began in Feb 2008, when the son of a long-time business associate and family friend went missing. The horror this family endured, the frantic activity engaged by all to find him, the agony of not knowing where one’s loved one is, haunts me to this day, and molded a new path for me. I learned first hand the blinding cruelty of knowing someone you love is “out there”; the shock and grief when they are finally found if one is fortunate enough, and the knowledge that there is nothing worse than the “not knowing”. I have yet to hear someone that has gone through this nightmare, dubbed “The Lonely Wall” by Mike’s Mom, that regardless of the outcome, would not agree that finding the missing is the best chance of surviving the experience at all.

The way someone you love leaves you, matters. A person’s legacy, no matter how young or old, when their life is taken from them, deserves to be restored.

Blink has a track record of investigating and analyzing crime. Many stories that you may have read about, Blink just might have been somewhere in the back ground providing data and analysis to law enforcement or working with search teams. Some of Blink’s accomplishments, both solo and combined with Investigative research team are as follows:

  • Contributing Research Analyst/ Investigator:
  • Nationwide Investigations: Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, Missing Mens Cases
  • OCSO, FBI, TES: Caylee Anthony Case
  • States Attorney’s Office 9th Circuit, AG Law of Florida: Trust Fund and Charitable Donations misuse and fraud investigation, multiple entities and subjects.
  • Aerial Image Corporation: President, Sean Henady
  • Lubbock Texas Police Dept- Investigative Unit: Ken Wilcox case
  • Medico lethal Death Scene Investigator
  • Minnesota ME Office Gary Peterson:
    Corrie Anderson case
    Gina Lin Anderson case
    Confidential casework and ongoing projects

Make sure to visit BLINK ON CRIME for a unique experience and behind the scenes view into True Crime.