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February 09, 2009

Hmm … Barack Obama Approval Index Rating Continues a Steady Decline … The Bloom is off the Rose

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It looks like the luster has faded from the Barack “Obamamessiah” Obama Presidential approval rating according to the Rasmussen report. Presently, Obama has a Presidential Approval Index rating of +11 that is down from just a week ago when he was at +21. (see daily trends here) Obama’s Presidential Approval Index is drastically down since he first was sworn into office when it was a +28 to +30.

Overall, 59% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance so far while 39% disapprove. Today’s results mark the first time that Obama’s overall rating has fallen below 60% as either President-elect or President.


H/T: Gateway Pundit

So what took the bloom off the rose? Obama’s actions as President vs. voters perception, maybe. We would concur with The Gateway Pundit, that it has taken less than one month to accomplish the following:

All it took was one month, a few tax cheats, expanding abortion funding, closing Gitmo, moving the US Census to the White House, putting 25,000 US companies at risk and the most expensive piece of legislation in American history to drive his numbers southward to 59-39.

Making matters worse, only 37% support the stimulus package and 50% say that the Stimulus plan will make things worse. Also, America is evenly divided on Obama’s change from hope to fear in attempting to pass his stimulus plan.

There is a reason why even SNL went after the stimulus plan with the satire that they are known for. As they did when GWB was in office, SNL is presenting the public sentiment. However, the only difference was that SNL was too gutless to also go after President Obama who supports the very Stimulus plan that SNL was pointing fun at with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We all know SNL would never make fun of “The Chosen One”.

Barack Obama was elected under the guise that he was the candidate of hope and the “Yes we can” candidate. Maybe, just maybe his numbers are declining as American’s see him as a politics as usual, doom and gloom, political fear candidate. Isn’t this what Democrats railed against GWB accusing him of talking down the economy when he took office and his speeches that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. So I would ask, what’s the difference?

“Mr. Hope has to be careful not to become Dr. Doom,” said Frank Luntz, a political consultant and author of the book “Words That Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear.”

“The danger for him is using the Jimmy Carter malaise rhetoric, particularly for Mr. Obama, who was elected because people thought he was the solution. There’s only so much negativity they will tolerate from him before they will feel betrayed,” Mr. Luntz said.

Oh, now suddenly airmarks are acceptable … didn’t Obama rail against airmark spending during the election?

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