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February 05, 2009

Caylee Anthony Murder Victim – Casey Anthony Circus: Update From Under the Big Top

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My best attempt at a Cliff notes version for this week I can muster without a dry heave.

 John Morgan Is a Contender

Last night on Nancy Grace John Morgan said that Casey should EXCLUDE a picture of Zenaida Gonzalez that was sent to her by Morgan. “All she has to do is say that’s not her.”

Attorney for the Anthony’s, Brad Conway’s reaction is a head scratcher:

“”I don’t think the judge is going to allow John Morgan to turn this in to a three-ring circus,” attorney Brad Conway said.”

 I like Conway, and I think he is a solid attorney, but where has he been if he is concerned about “this” TURNING INTO a 3 ring circus? That ship sailed before he entered stage right. Couple points in need of clarification. John Morgan is not threatening to release the video or live stream feed it. It has to be filed in the court record, and then typically the media files a Sunshine Law request. Brad Conway can then file a motion to seal the depositions until the conclusion of the criminal trial. In my opinion, he would be granted that motion.

Equally ridiculous is the notion that George, Cindy or Lee will be allowed to invoke their 5th amendment right at a deposition when none of them are named suspects or facing any criminal proceedings. I do think that if I were Brad Conway, I would motion for a continuance for George’s testimony on two grounds:

The fact that George testified in front of the grand jury and therefore his testimony under that hearing is privileged.


The fact that he was recently hospitalized under the Baker Act and continuing under Psychological care.  I predict that this will be successful and Cindy and Lee will give their depositions on February 26th and 27th. I also predict Baez will drop his countersuit before then.

The Florida Bar Association Receives Complaint

 On Wednesday, it has been confirmed that a Complaint/Inquiry was received by the Florida Bar, through ACAP, regarding Lead defense Attorney Jose Baez.  Within that complaint, it is also stated that there have been requests received by the State’s Attorney’s office for the prosecution to motion for a Nebbia hearing in this case.

 Kronk is WEENED

 The Community Watchdog group Countywatch, led by Michael Walzak, feels it is time for Midas-touch Meter Reader to start on solids. His own.

 “Those fees are excessive, owing a debt of gratitude doesn’t allow a taxpayer to take advantage of.”

 So far, the county has paid more than $7,500 dollars in an effort to help Kronk maintain privacy. I am on record that I am glad Kronk found Caylee and deserved the reward given to him by former Anthony attorney Mark NeJame.  However, if within that lawyer’s invoice is billable time to wield interviews and negotiate image usage rights, the good taxpayers of Florida should be asking for an accounting.

Memorial is Planned

Although there is conflicting reports as to the confirmation of the Public Memorial Service, it appears scheduled for Tuesday February 10th at the First Baptist Church, Orlando. Ladies, if you plan on attending, and you don’t want to intentionally get felt up, lose the underwire as there will be metal detectors and body searches.  For the record, I am 1000% against a public memorial for this baby. I don’t know about you but I have been publicly memorializing her since July, and this is just going to turn out to be yet another opportunity have the Murt and Lert live-feed twins capturing  their Stalkathon.  Maybe on that day, perhaps if one wants to honor Caylee ,they could NOT WATCH OR CHAT these bafoons.

Welcome Home George

George is released from the Daytona Hospital he was admitted to last week under a Baker Act request.  Although it was announced he was returning to a Hospital closer to the Anthony residence, he in fact returned to the Hopespring Drive address he shares with Cindy and now Lee. I am hearing that the press is keeping their distance for now, as they should, out of respect for his obvious emotional condition.  My mom told me if I write anything about Mr. Anthony that I need to be kind and she reads here, so.. that’s all I got on that.

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