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February 04, 2009

Exclusive to Scared Monkeys – A Response from Giltod… Stateside…

Posted in: Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony,Media

As a result of the Todd Black/Gil Cabot outing party on Nancy Grace last night, an inside source forwarded Blink an email sent to them directly from “Giltod”, the PR rep formerly known as:

From: Press Corps Media <presscorpsmedia@aol.com>
To: PressCorpsMedia@aol.com <PressCorpsMedia@aol.com>
Sent: Tue Feb 03  2009

A tabloid style television program committed a libelous act by falsely stating that attorney Jose Baez hired an ex-felon to handle P.R. and they ill have to answer to that slander when served with a lawsuit.

Legal Notice is hereby given that Press Corps Media Stateside will not tolerate outright lies and damaging innuendo disseminated about our company by the media.

Gil Cabot sold his company in 1996 and we merged our Canada office with a media marketing group to expand our services in 2003, and the fact that Mr. Cabot was retained as a consultant has no bearing on our contracted
clients.  We assign security names for insurance and security purposes, as with “Todd Black” – a security name which has been used in rotation by three different staff members on this case, and whether Mr. Cabot also
participated in that rotation makes no difference whatsoever.

Press Corps Media is paid by a family who took an interest in the case, and is not paid by Mr. Baez.  Our services are of no major consequence to this case.  We simply answer media calls, provide information and/or arrange
interviews.  Our services are an important, but minor part of assisting attorneys with coordinating events and scheduling.  Even when often dealing with extreme bias from some newspeople, we have always been courteous and
respectful to everyone, and we will continue our professional conduct as this case moves to trial.

- Press Corps Media
Stateside Division

-end of email-

My favorite.. “Our services are of NO MAJOR CONSEQUENCE TO THIS CASE..” OMFG is he lucid? I dunno sounds like giving unlicensed legal advice to me.

runner up..  “we have always been courteous and respectful to everyone..” Take it from one of the “Tabloid Tramps” on your rolodex- er, not so much.

Posted by Blink34

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