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March 04, 2005

A RAthER Repetitious Top 10

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You mean DAN RAthER is not gone yet? Sometimes we just have to put the viewers and even Dan out of their misery. So in his farewell tour Dan shows up on the David Letterman Show to tell all and give us all an apology, NOT. Thank you to Ratherbias.com for getting out the transcript and video too.

It would seem that Dan Rather is waiting until he leaves CBS for his real opinions and answer questions that he ducked regarding the forged documents, Andrew Heyward and the rest. Look for his tell all book in the future just when we think we have not heard the last of Dan. One might also tell Dan before his next farewell appearance that he take his med. What an unconfortable look there was. Then again David Letterman seemed to have the same look.

In one of the more interesting questions of the evening was when Rather was asked whether Heyward, News president , “should have “taken a bullet” and stepped down. ” How was Rather qualified to answer such a question? Step down, you mean like Dan did? To the very end Dan Rather will somehow defend that the documents were never proved to be false, yet it was his job to verify they were authentic. Wizbang goes into even greater lenght of the explanation of the “th” and the Olympia typewriter, and the expert’s As much as Dan will try to spin it, his long career will always be known for this incident. Judging by his lack of insincerity I would presume we should always preface his career by the manner in which Rather managed to embarrass himself through his over the top political bias. Some would say it couldn’t happen to a better man as it would appear even those that work with Dan were not all that found of him.

Well my Top 10 was supposed to be Dan Rather’s Top 10 excuses for the RAthERGATE mess but it would appear that 1 thru 10 were all, “It’s Karl Rove’s fault.”


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