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January 10, 2009

Could Zenaida Gonzalez have been Code for Caylee Anthony’s Location and Not Just a Nanny’s Name?

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The case just got even more bizarre …

The disappearance and murder investigation of 2 year old Caylee Anthony has had more bizarre twists and turns than one could have ever imagine. Just when we thought we had seen and heard it all, we witnessed yet another event that shocked and appalled us even more. The evidence and lack of honesty from Casey Anthony has been evident from the start. It just got stranger …


Lee and Casey Anthony jail telephone conversation

Now comes yet one more bizarre set of circumstances, or is it just an incredible coincidence? Was the name that Casey Anthony used for the nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez, also code for where Caylee Anthony’s body was dumped? Did Casey Anthony give Lee Anthony cryptic messages in a jail house telephone conversation on July 26, 2008?

As fate would have it, Zenaida Gonzalez is not just the name of the fictitious nanny that Casey Anthony dreamed up to blame the kidnapping of her daughter, believe it or not Zenaida Gonzales is also the location where the remains of two year old Caylee Anthony was found. Was Casey telling Lee where she dumped the body or was she playing a sick game of leaving clues that no one was picking up on?







Click to enlarge to see what White Pages brings up for these two addresses

As first discussed HERE in the forums of Scared Monkeys.net, was Casey Anthony providing a location to brother Lee where Caylee was brought? That is correct, Zenaida and Gonzales are the individuals who live in the land plots adjacent to the location where the skeletal remains were found of Casey Anthony. And just when one thought there could be something from this case that would not surprise them.


Now see the location where Caylee was located in comparison to 4701 & 4709 Hopespring Drive


CASEY: I know but there are some things that I have told them that were misconstrued and not used to their benefit. I gave them the same resources that I gave you and you found out a hundred more things then they did. And they were given the same information. So it’s just about the approach I guess and using the resources to their full extent. Again I’m everybody’s biggest resource; you have said that, Jose has said that, mom and dad have said that.


 LEE: Right but at the same time we still we just need to figure out how we can be clear on what ever we’re giving to them, so even if we have to you know speak very direct or we can’t really speak in generalities with them, with anybody is what I’m finding out . Or if we tell them I’m not completely sure on the spelling or I’m not completely sure on this or that. They take everything exactly up front to the ‘T’. Exactly how you provide it. So if it’s off at all they don’t even think to look in any other areas….


Hopespring and Suburban, to a “T”

CASEY: That’s why I gave them things multiple times. Each officer I gave the same information at least two or three times, I’ve done the same thing with you, the same thing with mom, the same thing with Jose. Everyone has the same information, same spelling, same names. None of that has altered because that’s it 

LEE: What do you think, where do you think. You think Caylee’s ok right now?

CASEY: My gut feeling? As mom asked me yesterday and even Jose asked me last night, the psychologist asked me this morning that I got through the court, um in my gut she’s still ok. And it still feels like she’s close to home.

The following is what is on file for tax records for the addresses of 4701 Hopespring Dr and 4709 Hopespring Dr. From an earlier statement from Kiomarie Cruz, she states that the only Gonzales individual she knows is a Hispanic woman that lives right down the street from us, but does not baby sit children.


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