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January 10, 2009

Source Says that Casey Anthony Intentionally Killed her Daughter Caylee … Overwhelming Evidence

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Sources saying that Casey Anthony was intentionally killed … NOT AN ACCIDENT!!!

Many people who have followed the case of missing and deceased Caylee Anthony CASEY_Caylee_pichave believed for months that tot mom Casey Anthony was responsible. However, now Local 6 in Orlando, FL is reporting that a source close to the investigation have said that they have “overwhelming evidence showing that she intentionally killed her young daughter, Caylee, and was solely responsible for the toddler’s death”. There is a reason why Casey Anthony did not report her child as missing and has never acted like a grief strickened mother whose daughter was either missing, deceased or both. According to sources from Local 6, its because Casey Anthony intentionally killed Caylee.

Sources also said investigators have now established a time frame of death that dates back to June, according to reports returned by forensic botanists and entomologists brought in to anaylyze the terrain and insect growth where Caylee’s remains were found. Sources said plants were growing through the skeleton and bug evidence was also recovered, both of which helped scientists reach their conclusion.

Orange County sheriff’s detectives believe Anthony took actions that led to her daughter’s death June 16, which corresponds to the June time frame of death, Local 6 News reported.


Not an accident

Investigators believe Anthony dumped Caylee’s body around June 18 in the wooded area where the remains were found, sources said.

According to test results conducted on the trunk of Anthony’s car by the Oakridge National Laboratory, the girl’s body spent at least two days there before it was dumped, sources said.

A hair, which showed signs of decomposition, was also found in the trunk. Sources said the hair matches hair taken from Caylee’s remains.

Sources said the time frame coupled with other evidence — duct tape found over the mouth of Caylee’s skull, high levels of chloroform detected in the trunk and cell phone pings from Anthony’s phone that place her near the crime scene in mid-June — points only to Anthony as the killer.

Last night on CNN’s Nancy Grace they discussed the breaking news that Casey Anthony intentionally murdered 2 year old Caylee Anthony. (Full Transcript)

Bombshell. Inside the investigation, just emerging as we go to air, stunning report — no accident! Repeat, no accident. Tot mom Casey Anthony intentionally murders little Caylee and acted completely alone. Police investigators who once bought into the accident theory now convinced it`s murder one. Investigators say Caylee`s body at least two days inside tot mom`s car trunk before being dumped.

Tonight, we learn investigators pinpoint the exact day of murder as June 16. The source also confirms duct tape wrapped specifically across little Caylee`s mouth – specifically across the mouth. And we discover part of the state`s evidence is a positive match between hair on the skull to Caylee`s hair in tot mom`s trunk.

Jessica D`Onofrio from WKMG-TV channel 6 discussed her exclusive report with Nancy Grace regarding the date of death, the presence of Caylee in the trunk of Casey’s car. Jessica D’Onofrio confirmed her breaking story to Nancy Grace citing the fact that the story came from more than one source that Caylee’s death was not an accident: And this isn`t coming from one source, Nancy. It`s always coming from more than one source when I report my information. But I mean what I`m hearing are the words, “overwhelming”. I`m hearing, “strong evidence”. And I`m hearing that when you look at all of this, in its totality, the forensic evidence, and the overwhelming circumstantial evidence, you put it all together, it points straight to Casey acting alone. And that this was done on purpose, and not by accident.

 GRACE: And joining us right now, the person to break — the reporter to break this story, Jessica D`Onofrio with WKMG. Jessica, thank you for being with us. Explain to me this detailed report you`re learning about from inside the police investigation that Mark Williams is referring to.

JESSICA D`ONOFRIO, WKMG: Well, we now know a timeframe of death, Nancy. What wound up happening is that the forensic entomologists and the forensic botanists that were brought into this case to analyze the terrain and the bug life around where the body was found — they`ve returned in their reports now.

Now what we can see is that they have narrowed down a timeframe of death, not an exact date, but a timeframe of death to June, which directly corresponds with what investigators have been saying for quite some time now. They know that Caylee was last seen on or around June 16th. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory confirms that they have test results that show that the body was in the trunk of Casey`s car for about two days. And then investigators believe after that two days, it was dumped down the street from the Anthony home.

So now we have a timeframe of death here directly corresponding to what investigators thought, that the child was murdered around that time and has been at that dump site ever since June. We also have…

GRACE: Hold on. According to this inside report, it says that the body is believed to have been dumped on June 18 and that…

D`ONOFRIO: Excuse me. Yes, June 18.

GRACE: Yes, which means that we also know it confirms the body was in the trunk for two days, according to this report, which pinpoints the time of death as June 16, the day of June 16 — not a timeframe, not a month, not a week, June 16.

D`ONOFRIO: Absolutely, Nancy. But when you talk to forensic entomologists and when you talk to forensic botanists, what they specialize in in this kind of case is a timeframe.

GRACE: Correct.

D`ONOFRIO: They`ll always correct the reporter and say, We can only pinpoint a timeframe. But you`re absolutely right.

GRACE: And also, after going over your information, Jessica D`Onofrio — Jessica joining us from WKMG — I also noticed that it said the duct tape was over the child`s mouth. And there`s been a lot of speculation about where was the duct tape? Was it wrapped around to conceal her identity? A whole lot of theories about the duct tape. Now we are confirming, according to this report, it was specifically placed over little Caylee`s mouth. Yes, no?


GRACE: What else can you tell us, Jessica?

D`ONOFRIO: I can tell you that, you know, when they made a positive ID on the body, they used the skeletonized remains to make that positive ID on Caylee. They used her bones. But they also now have run tests on the hair that was found at the dump site near the skeleton there, and they have now been able to confirm that the hair found at that dump site was the hair found in the trunk of Casey Anthony`s car. So what it means is that investigators can now directly place Caylee`s body in the trunk of Casey Anthony`s car.

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